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Patient Success Stories

Mr. Verma, New Delhi
Indian, 82, Male

I am retired army officer. When I was diagnosed with enlarged prostate, I wanted to find out everything could about them. I. My symptoms were text book symptoms: Weak urine stream, Difficulty starting urination, stopping and starting while urinating, Dribbling at the end of urination, straining while urinating, Frequent need to urinate, increased frequency of urination at night, urgent need to urinate and not being able to completely empty the bladder.
I was referred to a very popular urologist in New Delhi, who recommended Laser surgery for my enlarged prostate as my weight of the prostate gland was 85 grams and my PSA level was just 1.4 which is within normal limit. The urologist asked me get the hospitalization for surgery in next week but I seen my younger brother gone through same surgery last year without any symptom relief. I asked about alternative treatment, but was told that this was the only one available.

I went on the internet to know more about treatment of enlarged prostate. I found Dr. Pradeep Muley’s (interventional radiologist) website: - I discovered that the latest non-surgical treatment for enlarged prostate, Prostatic Artery Embolization was the right treatment for me. 

I visited to his clinic in the morning... Dr. Pradeep Muley explained the procedure it was simple... as simple as it was explained on his website. After 2 days I got the hospitalization and the procedure were went smooth, I was fully awake during the procedure the doctor and cath lab staff were talking to me and the procedure was over in 45 minute. Next day morning I was discharged and gone home as he told me the symptom relief will be in 4-6 week time. I started getting relief from my all urinary problem. When I think about friends/younger brother who have had surgery, whose lives were interrupted to weeks on end , and probably forever, their lives will be different. I'm just so happy about my decision

I would like to ask urologist that why better alternative treatments are not informed to the patients, even when they ask about them?

Which is best treatment option

Non-surgical Treatment - Prostatic artery embolization(PAE)